Please reach out to discuss ideas or projects of any scope. Prints of images are available upon request, as are full resolution copies of any media, albums, or individual songs.

Doug McCann is the founder of Pinecarver Visual and Acoustic. He has worked for over a decade on various projects and productions in the film and television realm. He is an award winning filmmaker and was nominated for an emmy for his work as a camera operator/field producer for Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. He has spent months at a time in compromising and inspiring locales such as remote Alaska, the mountains of Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, Polynesia, and countless colorful places in between. His worked has been seen on various platforms from festivals and youtube, to networks such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Fox. He is a writer and musician. Hobbies include penning country classics and pickling. Summertime he spends commercial fishing salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska and in the winter he lives for the forest and the snow. He currently resides in North and South California and lives with his dog Rahsko Jack. Please feel free to drop him a line.

phone………………508.955.0PVA (508.955.0782)