Pinecarver Photography and FilmPinecarver Visual and Acoustic is a creative media house, dedicated to telling compelling stories through a variety of mediums. We make documentary films and capture powerful imagery in motion and in still. Areas of interest include social and environmental issues, wildlife, cultures, arts and music – but in our experience we’ve learned that a good story can come in many shapes, forms, and sizes.  We produce albums and music, and feel that every visual deserves the proper acoustic. Our intention is to electrify the emotional grid and spark a bit of inspiration into the human experience. Whether it’s through the barrel of a lens in unforgiving skies, or upon dirt roads and ominous waters, we aim high and go deep into uncharted territories of the physical and emotional carousel.

Production Services

Pinecarver PhotographyFrom short and long form films to developing branded web content – we believe in story. We approach each project with an open mind, a blank and limitless canvas, and a collaborative and communicative effort that remains highly focused, passionate and dedicated from seed to screen. Check out VIMEO for a constantly evolving collection of our work. For our reel, rates, details, gear list, and to discuss a project of any scope, please feel free to contact us.

Doug McCann is the founder of Pinecarver Visual and Acoustic. He is an award winning filmmaker and emmy nominated camera operator (Deadliest Catch).  He is highly passionate about the storytelling process – from seed to screen.  He has worked for over a decade on various projects and productions in film and television.  He has spent months at a time in inspiring locales such as remote Alaska, the mountains of Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, Polynesia, and many colorful places in between. His work has been seen on platforms such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Fox, and a multitude of online outlets and international film festivals. He is a writer, musician, and editor and is constantly pursuing aspirations in songwriting, anything DIY, and creative projects that involve design and build elements.   He is the founder of Wildstock, an online marketplace for the natural world’s most inspiring visuals.  Summertime he spends commercial fishing salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska and in the winter he lives for the forest and the snow. Please feel free to drop him a line.